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The 2017 #HomeUpgradeWishlist

Another year is almost behind us, so it’s high time you prepared for the upcoming one. If you’ve already started making plans for the year of 2017, don’t forget to come up with a wishlist of home upgrades you can implement with little investment. Instead of giving your entire home a complete makeover, you can make some small, but significant changes that can bring a sense of novelty to your home.


Giving your walls a makeover is both simple and cost-efficient upgrade that can completely transform your living area. The most basic solution is just painting the walls in a new color. If your walls have been colored in neutral hues so far, you can now opt for darker or more vivid ones. However, don’t be afraid to try out something more unusual and daring. Another interesting choice is going with a compelling accent wall that you can use to make a décor statement in your living room, for example. Whether you use decorative wallpaper, or paint a wall mural, an accent wall will give your space a new look that will delight your guests.

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If you haven’t heard already, the idea of bringing natural life inside has taken over the world of interior design. Create a livelier atmosphere in your home by adding several indoor plants to your home. Apart from being a stylish decoration, plants will make your house a healthier living area. Since they act as natural air purifiers, they will improve the air quality in your home by absorbing airborne pollutants and producing more oxygen. Additionally, plants will create a more productive and motivational environment, since it has been shown that they have a positive impact on productivity and concentration.


Another item on your home upgrade wishlist for the following year should be giving your doors a makeover. You can start with your front door and add some flair by simply changing the knobs and opting for a more stylish solution, or just painting it in an interesting hue that will complement your home exterior. When it comes to the internal doors, your possibilities are numerous! Since doors take up a lot of space when opening and closing, you can opt for sliding doors instead to save up some space and create a new look in your home. You can choose doors with details that complement the overall interior design of your house, or use them as an accent detail by opting for a contrasting colour. Finally, a creative solution for your internal doors is splitting them into Dutch half doors. This will look great in your kitchen or your kids’ room.


Mirrors are your best option when it comes to decorating small spaces, especially those without windows. If you’ve transformed a basement into your small personal sanctuary, but you feel constrained due to the lack of windows, you can create an illusion of light and space with a panned mirror. A small dressing room or bathroom will look much bigger if you include mirrored subway tiles that will make an impression of openness.


If you’re environmentally conscious, you should try to make your house greener in order to preserve our environment. There’s a series of upgrades that will make your house more eco-friendly, including switching to the LED lighting, turning to renewable materials, obtaining water conserving appliances, etc. Cork and bamboo are both eco-friendly and stylish flooring solutions you can use to give your home a natural look. Don’t worry about the finances, since you can get a loan in order to implement these home improvements and make your home energy-efficient as much as possible. Additionally, these green improvements will pay off in the long run for both you and the environment.

You don’t have to remodel your entire house to give it a stylish look. With several simple upgrades, you can transform your home into your own modern eco-friendly haven.